The Real Estate Retirement Plan

The Real Estate Retirement Plan

An Investment and Lifecycle Solution for Canadians

By Calum Ross with Simon Giannini

Launching just in time for tax season, The Real Estate Retirement plan hits shelves at a time in the year when most Canadians are forced to reflect on their finances.

If you’re facing a gap in making your retirement a reality, don’t ignore it for another year, learn how to solve this common problem!

Calum’s new book outlines an investment and lifestyle solution for Canadians – a solution that may get your retirement plan back on track!

Leveraging equity in a principal residence and using it wisely to purchase rental property is the solution to a safe, secure retirement for millions of Canadians. With real life examples and a detailed discussion of the principles and mechanics, this book will demystify and make an irrefutable case for borrowing to invest.

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What Industry Experts Are Saying About the Book

<b>Garry Marr</b><br>Columnist & Reporter at The National Post

Garry Marr
Columnist & Reporter at The National Post

"I’ve used Calum Ross as a source for many years in my reporting. He has a deep knowledge of real estate, borrowing to invest, mortgages, and personal finance. His arguments are always clear and well researched."

Jonathan Chevreau
Founder of Financial Independence Hub and co-author of “Victory Lap Retirement”

“I’ve always said a paid-for home is the foundation of financial independence. But real estate can be far more than that, especially for would-be retirees suffering from minuscule interest rates and declining participation in employer pension plans. Calum Ross’ The Real Estate Retirement Plan is exactly that: showing how an income-oriented real estate portfolio can provide retirement security no matter how long a life you live.”

<b>Jonathan Chevreau</b><br>Founder of Financial Independence Hub and co-author of “Victory Lap Retirement”
<b>Robert McLister</b><br>Mortgage Columnist, The Globe and Mail, and President, IntelliMortgage

Robert McLister
Mortgage Columnist, The Globe and Mail, and President, IntelliMortgage

“Few possess Calum’s aptitude for responsible investing using conservative leverage. He takes readers on a new investor’s journey that’s inspiring, but more importantly, realistic. The book does what it should, emphasize risk management while imparting practical tactics that are far more than just common sense.”

Romana King
Senior Editor and Real Estate Specialist at MoneySense

“Calum and Simon clearly explain why we need to rethink our retirement savings plans. Gone are the days of high rates of return and defined pension plans. Now, we must redefine our goals and the way to achieve these goals. This is a must read book if you’ve ever considered real estate as part of your retirement plan.”

<b>Romana King</b><br>Senior Editor and Real Estate Specialist at MoneySense
<b>Talbot Stevens</b><br>Speaker and Author of “The Smart Debt Coach”

Talbot Stevens
Speaker and Author of “The Smart Debt Coach”

“A great guide to an overlooked way to a secure retirement. All Canadians should know these powerful concepts to build real wealth, like the rich do!”

About the Author

Calum is a passionate, energetic, and results focused wealth advisor and nationally recognized leader and speaker in the field of mortgage banking and financial planning. He has accumulated numerous industry awards, been ranked as the top producing mortgage professional in the country by Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine, and has funded over $2.2 billion worth of residential mortgages (representing over 5,500 transactions) to date.


Calum is regularly featured in the media as a mortgage expert including TV appearances on CBC, Global, CTV and BNN. In addition being seen live on air, Calum has contributed to mortgage, personal finance, and real estate articles in The Globe and Mail, The National Post and numerous other publications.


With over seven years of post-secondary finance education from top globally ranked business schools, including the Schulich School of Business and Harvard Business School, and extensive formal training in the field of personal finance, there is no personal finance professional better qualified to service your mortgage and financial advisory needs.

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Topics Covered By The Book

A sneak peak at the contents of the book (free sample chapter below)

Part 1
Threats to Your Retirement and Solutions to Overcome Them

  • Chapter 1:
    Retirement Risks and Problems
  • Chapter 2:
    Retirement Opportunities
  • Chapter 3:
    Mental Modelling Flaws
  • Chapter 4:
    The Portfolio Approach to Real Estate

Part 2
The Power of Borrowing to Invest

  • Chapter 5:
    How Big Businesses, Investment Firms, Banks and Entrepreneurs Think About Capital, Investing, and Wealth Creation
  • Chapter 6:
    Borrowing to Invest in Real Estate
  • Chapter 7:
    Selecting a Mortgage Professional

Part 3
Real Estate – More Powerful than Any Other Asset Class

  • Chapter 8:
    How to Profit from Real Estate
  • Chapter 9:
    Understanding Real Estate Expenses
  • Chapter 10:
    Selecting a Real Estate Agent


  • Real Life Examples
  • Helpful Tools & Spreadsheets
  • Calum’s Recommended Reading list


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